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This page continues to be under heavy construction, but many parts now work as expected. Areas with ongoing development are comments (which are not available at all at the moment) and cryptographic components to allow submitting posts, alerts and, of course, comments via signed email.

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Inaugural post

It has been a couple of years since I blogged with anything resembling consistency. I used livejournal back then, even though I could’ve set up wordpress or something similar on my own domain easily. I was always caught in the trap of wanting to build myself a monumental homepage instead though. It’s a common flaw among software engineering types: The feeling that all available solutions are not good enough and one could easily develop a better solutions oneself, from the ground up. It would only take time… In my case, it took nearly six years – I’ve kept a handwritten journal about things I learned along the way – and I’ve gone through two different philosophies for writing my own frameworks, one publicly available framework – Symfony 2, which I’m very fond of – and finally the realization that a smaller, static approach, where I could delegate the styling to, say, Bootstrap, might be a better one.

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