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I’m slowly beginning to reactivate this page, many things are still in a half-finished state (still no comments, for example) and I have to figure out a lot of things in my proof-of-concept software here before I can proceed with rewriting it properly. Please bear with me.

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Inaugural post

It has been a couple of years since I blogged with anything resembling consistency. I used livejournal back then, even though I could’ve set up wordpress or something similar on my own domain easily. I was always caught in the trap of wanting to build myself a monumental homepage instead though. It’s a common flaw among software engineering types: The feeling that all available solutions are not good enough and one could easily develop a better solutions oneself, from the ground up. It would only take time… In my case, it took nearly six years – I’ve kept a handwritten journal about things I learned along the way – and I’ve gone through two different philosophies for writing my own frameworks, one publicly available framework – Symfony 2, which I’m very fond of – and finally the realization that a smaller, static approach, where I could delegate the styling to, say, Bootstrap, might be a better one.

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